Currently  Skgtel (Pvt) Ltd is seeking to establish affiliation,  memorandum of understanding (MOU) and mutual recognition Agreement (MRA) with National & International Professional  and high-tech academic bodies in order to deliver high standard results.

Skgtel (Pvt) Ltd is closely working with other National & International mobile Phone Assembling  & manufacturing bodies to produce 1st  Made in Pakistan  mobile phone.

This will develop the confidence to the “Skgtel” to better work in the market and complete according to the Professional needs. Skgtel (Pvt) Ltd assure you that, it’s all products will meet high standards of mobile phone technology.

For this “Skgtel” did not forget all the basic requirements and out of them, 1st one is the high skilled manpower.

Therefore currently “Skgtel” had signed the agreement with the leading institutions in Government and Private sector.

Our Main partners are:


  1. Government Institutions
  2. Telecast Technology (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan