Pakistan is lagging behind in the field of mobile phone manufacturing. India, Bangladesh and Sirilanka are manufacturing and assembling their own brands. Government of Pakistan also realized this and sharply renewing its mobile phone manufacturing policies.
Many big brands have shown a keen interest in mobile phone manufacturing but non-availability of skilled labour is the main hurdle.

SKG Tel (pvt) Ltd is the first company that is planning to start comprehensive mobile phone manufacturing and has entered into a MOU with the first federally chartered Skills University in Pakistant,  to provide training of mobile technology professionals.

The first batch of mobile manufacturing technicians will be taken in December 2020.

We shall plan to train 10000 professionals for our industry needs.

The successful trainees will be given two month paid internship/hands on training leading to a job placement in our industry.

The 06-month training will convert matriculate youth into high tech engineers and technicians.
Our training session is mostly through practical and hands on training catering to the market requirements.

Currently, the training is only based at the Government Institutions campus in Islamabad but we plan to expand our training program to other big cities too.
We are fully confident that our youth have brilliant ideas in IT field. We will provide research and development (R&D) platform where dreams can be converted into real picture.

Training Module

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Health & Security SOPs
  • Workshop Precautions
  • Work Ethics & Orders
  • Introduction to major parts of cell phones
  • Introduction to minor parts of cell phones
  • Function of major & minor parts of cell phone
  • Tools, instruments and their usage
  • Setting of electronic lab and use of testing equipments
  • How cell phone tower works
  • Disassembly and assembly procedure
  • Test & Trouble shooting
  • Importance of research & development
  • Fundamental check of parts before fixing
  • Precaution while minor repairing
  • Precaution while major repairing
  • Component testing & replacing
  • Configuration
  • Software uploading & software downloading
  • Flashing procedure
  • Functional checking of parts before & after fixing
  • Soldering, laser cutting
  • Reading of PCB diagram
  • Reading of 3D printing circuit
  • How to create an application for mobile set
  • GSM sim card
  • Final testing, battery charging, On/Off, key board checking,
  • voice quality of MIC,  speaker and open speaker.

Training Plan:

SKG Tel (pvt) ltd and Government Institutions joint venture will provide you training program of mobile phone Repairing, Manufacturing, and Marketing.1st batch of course will start in Dec 2020.