Skgtel company and Secp Pakistan “affiliates (here in after referred to as “Skgtel” or we) fully respect your policy privacy and will do our utmost to protect the security of your personal information. In the process of providing you with products or services, we may collect and use your personal information based on your consent or in accordance with your relevant provisions of application laws and regulations. This privacy policy there in after refers to as “Policy”, is aimed at assisting you to understand how we collect, use, retains, share and transmit your personal information, that you provide to us, and how we safeguard your rights. This policy applies to Skgtel product and services that display or provide links to this policy. In consideration of the many products and services of the Skgtel, this policy may not cover all scenarios of collecting and using personal information. We may supplement in through the privacy policy specific products or services or by other means by notification provided during data collection. For example depending on the type of Skgtel or services you use and the country where you are located, the corresponding on the type products or services may differ in how they collect and use your personal information. If a specific Skgtel products or service has a separates privacy policy, the separate privacy policy will be used first and the content of the separate privacy policy will prevail. Any part not covered by the separated privacy policy of the specific Skgtel service shall be subject to the content of this privacy policy.