Desktop CDMA Phone

We made 2006 we make 1st Colour LCD Desktop phone set
This Product was highly appreciated by AJK users
This phone set also had 30 new features that were used in mobile set only
Color LCD CDMA Table Set  remains our exulsine Product
It was designed for CDMA 800/850 MHZ Frequency

GSM+CDMA Mobile Phone

In 2008 we made 1st GSM+CDMA Phone Set in the world.
Phone was made for CDMA 800/850 MHZ frequency, which was used in Azad Kashmir.
This was a Mobile set.
This Technology was user friendly.
Both sims were working at a time.
800/850 MHZ CDMA network was used in this set.
This Technology made our customer life easy and was liked by Customers.